NBHS All Sports Booster Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumni


Since 2003 the NBHS All Sports Booster Club has honored a Unicorn Alumnus with induction into our Hall of Fame. This award goes to a Unicorn Athlete who has made his\her mark in the world while exemplifying true blue Unicorn Pride.

2003 Kliff Kingsbury

2004 Nell Fortner
Unicorn Hall of Famer Nell Fortner.

2005 Terry Tausch
Unicorn Hall of Famer Terry Tausch.2006 Liz Grow
Unicorn Hall of Famer Liz Grow.

2007 Eric Sultemeier
Unicorn Hall of Famer Eric Sultemeier.

2008 Mike Sullivan
Unicorn Hall of Famer Mike Sullivan.

2009 Lonny Aleman

2010 Menan Schriewer
Unicorn Hall of Famer Menan Schriewer.

2011 Lauren Walker McCord
Unicorn Hall of Famer Lauren Walker McCord.

2012 Geoffrey Hangartner
Unicorn Hall of Famer Geoff Hangartner.

2013 Leigh Ann Forney Wills, Rachel Forney Kinsing, and Rebekah Forney Rhodes

2016 Kendra Reimer and Lauren Reimer

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