Transitioning to 2.0

As each of you are able to, please register to the site (, so that we can work out any kinks that may exist as we start to ramp up and encourage more folks to start signing up and using the website and FaceBook page. Also, click around the site, make comments, etc.. You guys are the Beta Testers! Anybody else that needs to be included in this early phase, please send them this link as well.


NBHS All Sports Booster Varsity Banquet Night a Big Success

A great night of recognizing all the Unicorn student athletes’ hard work and determination. Wow! There were some amazing accomplishments over the course of this school year. The NBHS All Sports Booster Club gave out several thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards to some amazing student athletes (names and details to follow). We inducted 3 more amazing Unicorn Alumni into the Unicorn Hall of Fame (again, details to follow).

Thanks to the parents, coaches, All Sports Booster Board members, and McKenna for the great facilities! A special THANK YOU to all the Unicorn boosters who donated to make this night of recognition and scholarship possible with your donations!